Sawtell Surf Club, First Avenue, Sawtell.
In the event of rain we train indoors at the Surf Club.

Sawtell Timetable

Monday 6:00am Body*Fit, 5.45pm Boxing  
Tuesday 6:00am Travel Box   
Wednesday 6:00am Body*Fit, 5.45pm Boxing,   
Thursday 6.00 am Run Fit  
Friday 6:00am Mat Pilates  
Saturday 6:00 am Travel Box  




A fusion of Boxing and Fitness training, burning maximum calories in the one class. Personal boxing, shadow boxing, partner boxing, kick-boxing , group boxing drills and combinations. Jogging and running hills, stairs, footpaths and sandunes in an interval training format.


High Intensity Boxing combined with short interval cardio.


A running class with either an out and back course or a looped course. Suitable for beginners to advanced runners. From 5km to 10km in one session.


A brilliant blend of Boxing, Kick-Boxing and Strength training to sculpt and tone your figure in the one class. High repetition dumbell, kettlebell and body weight exercises with minimal running.


A program designed to push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds until you complete 8 rounds. Combination of Boxing and Body- Weight exercises.


A class designed for Mum's and Bubs. A blend of tabata*fit, box*fit and body*fit in a stress free , kid friendly environment.


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