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Welcome to Girlfit!

Girlfit’s hourly beach sessions run throughout the week on the beautiful beaches in your local area and on average burn between 450-700 calories per session. We specialise in Boxing and Cardio, Circuits, Weight and Core Training. All our sessions are different and designed to keep your body guessing. Our sessions are fun yet challenging. New friendships are formed and we guarantee you will love it.

Do I need to be fit?

Please do not think you have to be fit to join Girlfit. You have to start from somewhere. All our training sessions are taught to different abilities and fitness levels. We have women of all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels. We have very inspiring Personal Trainers who will encourage and push you to your own personal limit. It’s our job to get the most out of you at each and every training session. We will get you fit and keep you FIT! That’s our promise to you.

What’s involved at a Girlfit Session?

Our Boxing sessions involve Boxing and Kickboxing and in between lunges, tricep dips, burpees, squats, planks, push-ups, stair climbing and running. As our motto goes “Possibilities are Endless”, with all of our workout combinations.

Our Circuit Sessions focus on Bodyweight exercises, weight training, resistance bands, speed ladders, hurdles and cardio intervals. We also focus on flexibility and motor skills.

Our Body continues to burn calories at a higher rate when doing high intensity circuit training. We focus on 2 minutes Strength and Power, 1 minute Cardio. You will burn lots of calories and continue to burn lots more for up to an hour after your Girlfit session.

Please refer to our Training Style for more information about our sessions.

Will I survive and how will I feel afterwards?

Exhilarated and Amazing! You would have made some new best friends and received a high dose of Vitamin D exercising outdoors.

There is only one way to find out. Come and join us outdoors and smell the fresh air of the surf, the softness of the sand and feel the warmth of the sun.

As our motto goes “possibilities are endless”. We guarantee to get you fit and keep you fit. So if you want to get into shape, reduce stress, lose weight, increase your energy levels, build confidence and make heaps of new friends we will see you at dawn or dusk for a dynamic session where we promise to take you to a whole new level in your life.


Adult Fee's

Options 1: Casual Visit

Girlfit sessions are $15, payable by cash. Loyalty card will be issued and every 6th session FREE.


Options 2: Direct Debit or Upfront Payment

Direct Debit $25.00 per week. Unlimited sessions at any site. 12  weeks minimum sign up

Direct Debit $20 per week. Unlimited sessions at any site.  26 week sign up

Upfront payment $300.00 for 12 weeks ( Striclty no refunds on upfront payments) 


Student Fee's (must be a Full Time Student under the age of 21)

Girlfit sessions are $12 , payable by cash. 

Options 2 Direct Debit or Upfront Payment

Direct Debit $15 per week. Unlimited sessions at any site. 12  weeks minimum sign up


Family Pass

Mother and School Aged Daughter  $35 per week (extra school aged daughters $10 per daughter) 


Option 3

10 Visit Card $130-00 ( non refundalbe for sessions not used) 

GIRLFIT BANKING DETAILS :   CBA 062 521 10570769 



Tuesdays 6.00am Boxfit
Thursdays  6.00 am Boxfit



Monday 6:00am Box*Fit
Wednesday 6:00am Box*Fit
Friday 6:00am Box*Fit


North Sapphire

Tuesday 6:00 am Box Fit
Thursday 6:00 am Body*Fit
Saturday 6:00 am Box Fit


Sawtell Timetable

Monday 6:00am Body*Fit, 5.45pm Boxing  
Tuesday 6:00am Travel Box   
Wednesday 6:00am Body*Fit, 5.45pm Boxing,   
Thursday 6.00 am Run Fit  
Friday 6:00am Mat Pilates  
Saturday 6:00 am Travel Box  


Port Macquarie Timetable

Tuesday 6:00am BoxFit
Thursday 6.00am BoxFit
Saturday 6:00am BoxFit


Coffs Harbour Timetable

Monday 6.00am Box*Fit  
Tuesday  5.30 pm  Box*Fit  
Wednesday 6.00am Box*Fit  
Thursday 5.30  pm  Box*Fit