Group Training

Girlfit’s Outdoor Playground. The Sand, The Ocean, The Sunshine, The Fresh Air

At Girlfit a huge variety of training variety is guaranteed at every session. Your Girlfit trainer has hundreds of training options to take you through and work you to your own personal limit. In no time your will have gained lots of fitness improvement.

You'll be having fun with other like minded women while your body is on a continuous fitness journey.

Two weeks and you will never look back!


Benefits of Girlfit Outdoor Training Programs:


Cardiovascular Training:

Interval Running, Stair Climbing, Walking Lunges, Sand and Hill Climbing, Skipping, Agility Training, Hurdles and Speed Ladders.

Strength Training:

Boxing, Kickboxing, Weights, Resistance Tubing, Medicine Balls, Push-Up’s, Squats, Tug-a-War

Boxing is a huge component of Girlfit because we believe the fitness benefits are endless. Boxing works on your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, stamina, coordination and power. Boxing has low-impact on your joints but is high-intensity so you burn lots of calories in a short amount of time. Mentally, boxing provides self confidence, its challenging, requires focus and thinking. Perfect for our girls!

Core Strength Training:

All exercises are based around functional compound movements that you need for everyday living. Situps, Crunches, Bicycles, Planks, V-Situps, Thread the Needle are some of the abdominial exercises prescribed at Girlfit.

Flexibility Training

Girlfit Flex offers even more variety in your training if your goal is to improve muscle tone, abdominal strength, posture, back strength or flexibility. Stretching has proven to boost your metabolism and assist in weight loss when done on a regular basis. Best of all, anyone can do Girlfit Flex and you will notice massive improvements in just a short time, no matter what your current fitness level!

Girlfit Flex utilises your own body weight to strengthen and stretch every part of your body, leading to all over better health and well being.

Girlfit Flex in incorporated into our sessions.




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